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References From Buyers:

The following are excerpts from letters that are on file with OCEAN CITY REALTY (2003) LTD.

"It is with much appreciation that Gerry and I write to say thank-you for the tremendous service which you provided to us while on our house hunting trip to Victoria. Your expertise and forthrightness assisted us in making our first real-estate decision in close to twenty year.

Outstanding in our minds was your ability to provide clear and concise knowledge of the market coupled with an acceptance of the reality of our financial circumstances. In conjunction with this we might also comment on your ability to provide us with all the resource contacts necessary to complete this transaction within a few days of arriving in Victoria. Everything has moved along without complication ...

We have deliberately waited several weeks in writing this letter following the purchase of the house to ensure that the "Halo" effect of our pleasant experience is not influencing our views. Time has only enhanced the viewpoint. We think that you were the "best" find that we made in Victoria, and we sincerely thank you.

Customer satisfaction is a nebulous factor in a business relationship. We all are aware that it affects outcomes. We certainly know when we are not pleased but sometimes are unable to identify what it was that made us satisfied with the outcome. For your information, it is your warm and outgoing manner combined with your expertise and patience which had such a positive influence. Honesty and integrity are expected but not always conveyed when dealing with a professional realtor. These were two characteristics that we always felt you possessed from the outset, thus Suzy we did so well!

Again our sincere thanks. You made what could have been a very onerous (as I am sure you knew) experience pass quite pleasantly."

Dr. Gerald & Mrs. Linda Buzzel

"I was a first time buyer who was tired of dealing with Realtors I couldn't trust...During my search for a home, I called an ad in the paper for which Suzy Hahn was the Realtor. Ever since those first dealings with Suzy, I have bee impressed no end by the service she offers her clients. Suzy insists on making all costs associated with purchasing a home known, and takes time to explain the process of buying a home beforehand (which I have rarely found to be the case with other Realtors). As a result of the friendly, trustworthy and professional service I received from Suzy, I will insist on having her as my Realtor for any future real estate endeavor. I highly recommend Suzy Hahn to anyone, in particular to those buying a house for the first time."

Lt. D.L. (Victoria) 

"My wife and I would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication...

You are a true professional and were quick to realize the special qualities necessary to expose our home in a manner that would attract qualified purchasers and assist in buying our ocean-view dream home.

We found you had everything, marketing skills, negotiating skills, financial structuring and dedication. We found you honest and trustworthy, you know your business and are a credit to the real estate industry. We also found you a pleasure to work with.

Should we need the assistance of a real estate agent in the future we shall not hesitate to call you, and would have great pleasure in recommending your services to others."

Davis Family (Victoria) 

"...Suzy and her staff helped me greatly with the finance end of things. . . They came to my bank with me to ensure I received the best deal on my mortgage.

I really can't say enough about the negotiating power and the great marketing team that Suzy and her staff make together. They know the real estate market and they definitely have the knowledge and expertise to buy and sell homes.

If you have the opportunity to deal with Suzy and her staff in sell your home or buying a home, I think you could consider yourself very lucky and consider it a worthwhile experience because not only will your get what you want but you will become much more knowledgeable in the real estate market as there are no hidden agendas with Suzy and you may end up with new friends, like I have. "

Mrs, MacLean (Victoria) 

"We write to express our gratitude and appreciation for your fine work in securing our new home. As first-time buyers we were hesitant and unsure of the procedures in making a purchase. . .

The bidding on our property was a drama we did not foresee. Little did we know that the negotiations for our home would be done in a parking lot under the pressure of an unexpected counter bid. Your experience and expertise were integral to our success in securing the property... We were very grateful to have you as our negotiator. We got our property at the price we wanted to pay along with the new washer and dryer!!

We are thrilled with our new home. Thank you for making our first experience in the world of real estate a pleasant and rewarding one. "

First Time Home Buyers ( Victoria) 

"When I first contacted your agent Suzy Hahn, I had no idea how well I would be served. She went out of her way to help me in every way possible, as a new arrival to the city of Victoria.

Suzy's diligence in finding a home for myself and my two children was unsurpassed. She was careful to listen to our needs and found us exactly what we wanted and could afford in record time.

I would certainly recommend Suzy Hahn and your company to anyone who is either buying or selling a property. "

Out of Town Buyer

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